Cayasview was built by caya aronson with the motivation to provide athletes, teams, coaches, and organizations with long and short form video content. Specializing in documentary focused films, caya has 3 years of experience shooting sports and 4+ years of editing experience.
WHAT Services does CAYASVIEW provide?
Cayasview provides clients with a range of videography and editing services. Apart from game recaps, uniform reveals, and short promotions, caya provides documentary focused work by following and capturing your team all season long. The final documentary product will consist of a final film with inclusive interviews, highlights, and season long events with a viewing party.
What is the purpose of sport documentaries and videography?
Documentaries and social media work are crucial for recruiting purposes and allow audiences to see the true work that is put in on and off the field. Cayasview videography provides athletes to a vast range of content throughout the season and allows teams to look back on memories together.
How to get started?
Contact me below to get started for a guaranteed response within 3-5 business days!
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